Shiseido Elixir Day Care Revolution 35ml SPF50+ PA++++

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Product explanation
Brand name Shiseido エリクシールシュペリエルデーケアレボリューション W+2 (SPF50+)
Product explanation 
 Beauty emulsion for Japan and China where I am sharp with one in the morning until the evening, and the burr leads to
It is medical D aging *1 beauty care with beauty emulsion, a UV cut, an effect of the makeup groundwork.
I attach it after a lotion in the morning.
I prevent stain freckles at the same time to give skin moisture without cease, and to keep tension of the skin from severe environment.
Beauty takes care of "a stain, fine wrinkles *2. drying", and best condition continues in the daytime until the evening.
*Moisture care depending on 1 age
*I make fine wrinkles by 2 drying less noticeable (it has been examined effect evaluation Shiseido)
Inner capacity 35 ml
 ●I take a one yen coin size in a palm and, after a lotion, let you be familiar with the whole face in the morning and do soaked in stack mainly on the cheeks which are easy to be affected by ultraviolet rays more.
(you use it for the last of the morning care and can use a foundation afterwards.)
●If there is little consumption, enough ultraviolet rays defense effects are not provided.
◇Abnormality such as a rash, color omission (bright spots) or the darkening of a wound and the fine weather does not produce it on skin, or please use it well with caution. When you do not go with skin, you cancel use, and please talk with specialists in skin department.
◇When you have a liquid dripping on container lips, please wipe it off well. The crystal of the whitening active ingredient may attach to lips.
◇When clothes gain it, please wash it with a detergent carefully immediately.
◇Please close a cap after use properly.
◇Please do not put it to a place and the high temperature that the day is.
◇It is the result that the SPF indication of the product and the PA indication apply 2 mg per quantity of application 1cm sq. determined by international SPF docimasy to skin and measured.
◇Please be careful about fire.
Maker name Shiseido Company, Limited