Son dưỡng môi Shiseido 3.5g mâm xôi

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Sản phẩm có tên Tiếng Anh là: F.t. Shiseido Shiseido Kusumi medicinal raspberry 

Với vitamin E cùng TP dưỡng ẩm từ thiên nhiên, dưỡng ẩm cho môi luôn mềm mượt, phòng chống môi khô, nứt nẻ. Môi mịn màng, hồng tự nhiên. Hương mâm xôi ngọt ngào.
HDBQ: Ngưng SD khi thấy dấu hiệu bất thường.

Bảo quản: nơi thoáng mát. Tránh ánh nắng trực tiếp. Tránh xa tầm tay trẻ em.


Melts in your mouth like that dude, luxurious shine. By the scent and sliding the lips. Rough, cracked, dry to prevent the glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives, vitamin E derivative. Moisture, leading to lots of moisturizes. Contains natural mineral water of Italy. Moisturizing ingredient. Gorgeous raspberry aromas. 

Cosmetic lip (\) lip care home (/) 
Water in lip medicinal raspberry scent 3.5 g 
It is of cosmetic ingredients, leading to plenty of moist lip balm. Glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives prevent chapped, cracked, dry, contains vitamin E derivative. Melts in your mouth like moist, encompassed in a luxurious glossy, scented, sliding the lips. Gorgeous raspberry aromas. Pharmaceutical products. Please use it and how to use the 5 mm long on the lips directly onto a. Please note-do not store in a high temperature or sunlight. If you are transforming. -Please note may be tiring with too much. -When your meal your mouth around or use the hitofuki. -Scars or rashes rash and not to use sites there are symptoms such as abnormal pigment. In addition, redness, swelling, itching, Shigeki, of please use if. Keeps your remains, and worse. Ingredients active ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate, acetic acid DL-α-tocopherol and other ingredients: liquid paraffin, heavy fluid isoparaffin, methyl and Tetra 2 - ethylhexanoate acid Pentaerythrite, Tri 2 - ethylhexanoate glyceryl stearate, polyethylene wax, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, synthetic silicate of sodium and magnesium, water, polyoxyethylene methyl polysiloxane copolymers, dipropylene glycol, Refractory microcrystalline wax, glycerin, rosehip oil, polyoxyethylene (36) polyoxypropylene (41) dimethyl ether, calcium chloride, hydrogen additive soybean phospholipids phospholipids, l-menthol, acid d-Delta - tocopherol, methyl polytheloxanemulsion, honey, Apple acid diisostealir, purified water, glyceryl stearate diisostealin, acid glyceryl triisostearate, Tri 2 - ethylhexanoate trimethylol propane, Tetrahydrotetramethylsiclottetracyloxane, tetradecen, methyl hydrogen polysiloxanes, fragrance, titanium oxide, barium sulfate, silicic acid coated black iron oxide, red 202, 201 red, yellow No. 4, blue # 1 
Country of origin: Japan