Mellsavon Face Wash cam-130g

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Mellsavon Face Wash hồng-Chiêt xuất hương hoa thảo mộc
Màu vàng-chiết xuất từ thảo dược thiên nhiên

Characteristic of the product

It is a fermentation sparkle ingredient to soap ※を is the face wash which I combined in a good balance.
I wash it while bringing moisture on skin in a fresh and young sparkle softly and lead it to the set soft and smooth skin of the texture.
○Three kinds of tightening fruit extract combination
Lime lemon kiwi
○Three kinds of ボタニカルエキス combination (humidity retention ingredient)
St. John's wort thyme マジョラム
○I do not use the ingredient which assumes oil raw materials in a washing ingredient derived from a plant.
○Fragrance of refreshed her Baru Green

※Cocoil apple amino acid Na, cocoil glutaminic acid 2Na (I combine it with whip face wash)

・Please use whether abnormality does not occur on the skin well with caution.
・When there is the abnormality, please do not use a wound, the rash of the fine weather.
・I become reddish in sunlight after during use or use, and swell and cancel use when abnormality such as an itch, stimulation, color omission (bright spots), the darkening appeared and recommend consultation to skin of フ department specialists. A symptom may turn worse when I continue just using it.
・Please be careful not to get into eyes. When it gets into eyes, please wash it away with water or tepid water immediately. When abnormality remains to the eyes, you cancel use, and please talk with ophthalmology specialists.
・When you use the bathroom dryer, please do not put it in a bathroom.
・Please do not keep it in the place where it is a high temperature or low temperature, a place getting the direct rays of the sun, the place where the hand of infants reaches.

Raw materials, ingredient

[combination ingredient]
Water, glycerin, lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, PG, hydroxylated K, distearate glycol, cocoil apple amino acid Na, soapwort leaf extract, Quinn's seed extract, lime juice, lemon fruit extract, kiwi extract, ass col building phosphoric acid Na, (ass col building / Toko feh Lil) phosphoric acid K, acetic acid tocopherol, hydrogenation retinol, St. John's wort flower / leaf / stem extract, thyme flower / leaf extract, sweet marjoram leaf extract, Candida Bonbi Colla / マドフカロンギホリア seed oil fermentation extract, laurate poly glyceryl -10, rhamnose, glucuronic acid, glucose, hexylene glycol, tri(caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, stearic acid glyceryl (SE), BG, propanediol, EDTA-2Na, EDTA-4Na, phenoxy ethanol, fragrance