Meiji Milk Chocolate 50g (1 Pack)

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Socola Meiji Nhật bản loại 50gram

Có 3 màu để bạn chọn lựa

"Deliciously in tomorrow"… 
Chocolate bar series ☆ (^.of the Meiji that the traditional taste and skill shine ^) 
Because it is pure chocolate, I make an outstanding performance for the making of cake! 
Of course it is pure and can just enjoy taste of the good chocolate of the balance★ 
Have desired one piece to snacks in a mass! 

Thành phần
It is the product which is recommended as raw materials of the handmade chocolate.
Sugar, cacao trout, all powdered milk, here avatar, lecithin (soybean origin), fragrance

Chú ý bảo quản: để nơi nhiệt độ dưới 25 độ C

Giá bán: 45k một Pack, có 3 màu để bạn lựa chọn