Blue juice of Yakult 4 g × 60 bags

Còn hàng


Product description

"Blue juice of Yakult 4 g × 60 bags (Oita Prefecture of barley leaves used) is a morning picking students leaves aperture delicious barley grass green juice. Not only drink sachets, powder type, you can use cooking. Flavoring, preservative, colorant free.

Suggested usage

This product is a powder type of packaging. As a dietary supplement, 1 day per breakfast, 1-2 bags standard, 1 bag per dissolve in 100 ml of water, etc.. Also, depending on the device many still also charge.

Please note

-Avoid putting the breakfast soon after opening packaging. 
-May be because it is made from plant material, colours may vary, but quality is fine. 
-Pregnancy and breastfeeding and who have been prescribed a drug for just for the doctor to consult. 
● If you consume a lot at one time, and my stomach is loose. 
● If the Constitution rarely fit the body. Otherwise, please stop using. 
● keep out of children's reach. 
-Cut and hand in the corners or edges of the sachets, etc., so please with you. 

How to save

Keep away from high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.