Rich shine damage repair Rich repair oil LUX 55ml

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Giới thiệu sản phẩm:

It is the hair oil which the hair which damage advances as for "55 ml of Lux supermarket Rich shine damage repair Rich repair oil", and is stiff leads to the hair which is glossy smoothly to the point of a brush. Gold Argan oil (repair, humidity retention ingredient) combination. I locate a particularly damaged part instantly and repair spissitude to coherence, the point of a brush. I prevent a split hair, sharpness hair and lead it to the point of a brush hair. A fragrance full of the feminine charm to let you feel a rose and the finest fruit blooming elegantly to be.


1.Before a dryer 
I warm it while stretching out by 2-3 push with a palm to dry hair and the hair which did towel dry and fix the cuticle of the damaged hair by the heat of the dryer by letting you be familiar to half of the length of the hair around a point of a brush. (I push 4-6 with semi-long hair adequately) 
2.After a dryer 
Finally I finish it to shining hair of the good-quality feel by letting you be already familiar around 1 push, point of a brush. 

※Please be careful not to strongly wave a bottle. I may work as liquid anyone than a pump mouth. 
※The white float and sediment may occur because of the storage situation, but do not have any problem in quality.

Chú ý:

👉Please use whether abnormality does not occur to the scalp well with caution. 

👉Please do not use rashs of a wound, the fine weather in the place with the abnormality. 

👉When abnormality such as redness, fine weather, an itch, stimulation, color omission (bright spots) or the darkening appeared, you cancel use, and please talk with skin department medicine. A symptom may turn worse when I continue just using it. 

👉When it got into eyes, please wash it away immediately. 

👉Please do not put it in the place to arrive of infants of the hand. 

👉You attach this product in a room using oil, gas fan heater, and please do not dry it. It may cause the trouble of the fan heater. 

👉Please do not use it in the place with the fire.

Thành phần:

Cyclo pentasiloxane, ジメチコン, アルガニアスピノサ nuclear oil, isobutyric acid acetic acid sucrose, hydrolysis hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid hydroxypropyl trimonium, squalene, acetic acid tocopherol, mineral oil, oleic acid, methoxyKay arsenic acid ethyl hexyl, アモジメチコン, フェニルトリメチコン, PEG/PPG-19/19 ジメチコン, avian (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, water, fragrance