DHC natural baby set 5 point

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Giới thiệu sản phẩm
Set sản phẩm gồm 5 món dành cho trẻ em của hãng DHC nổi tiếng tại Nhật bản

(Món quà tặng đầy ý nghĩa, cho những ai quan tâm đến bé)
DHC baby SOAP 80 g (Xà phòng dành cho bé 80g)
DHC medicated baby lotion (pharmaceutical surgery) 150 mL 
DHC medicated natural baby oil (pharmaceutical surgery) 60 mL 
DHC baby & Mommy SunGard [SPF30 ・ PA ++] 30 g 
DHC baby hair shampoo 100 mL 

Chi tiết từng sản phẩm

1- DHC baby SOAP 80g 
Blended olive Virgin oil and honey SOAP for face and body. 
While fluffy bubbles like the silk quickly wash off dirt 
Firmly protects the skin natural moisturizing ingredients. 

2- DHC medicated baby lotion (pharmaceutical surgery) 150ml 
Contains excellent moisturizing power to natural hyaluronic acid. 
Giving plenty of juicy facial 
Prevents the skin from drying. Gel type paint quickly. 

3- DHC medicated natural baby oil (pharmaceutical surgery) 60ml 
Skin blends but got better, and stretches the smooth oil. 
Become a natural barrier and protects the baby from the dry and rough skin. 
Contains olive Virgin oil. 

4- DHC baby & Mommy SunGard [SPF30 ・ PA ++] 30g 
For face & body sunscreen compound derived from natural UV protection ingredient. 
It is a non prescription. In addition, the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) 
Keeps the skin moisturized. 

5- DHC baby hair shampoo 100ml

Hair shampoo to blended vegetable ingredients, hard to blot. 
Very soft and prepares healthy hair and scalp. 

Bảo quản và chú ý
-There were abnormalities in skin care, please use.
If it disagrees with your skin, namely in the following cases, stop using please.
So may exacerbate the symptoms and continue to use
We recommend that consult a skin specialist in.
(1) in use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, colors, etc. ) ( Vitiligo and
If dark spots, etc.
(2) when direct sunlight your skin using the
If these symptoms occur
-In the area of abnormal scars, rashes, eczema, etc., do not use.

Attention of the cosmetics store
-After use be sure lids close tightly.
-Where direct sunlight to the extreme in places of high temperature and high humidity
Do not store it.
-Keep the Center beyond the reach of small children.