Canxi Orihiro Ngăn ngừa còi xương và loãng xương 150 viên

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- Bảo quản ở nơi mát, tránh ánh nắng, tránh nơi có nhiệt độ, độ ẩm cao.

- Nhớ kéo kín khóa sau khi dùng, sử dụng càng sớm càng tốt

- Nhớ kéo khóa lại sau khi sử dụng.

Đặc điểm nổi bất của Canxi Orihiro là thơm ngon,vị cafe dễ uống.

☞ Hấp thụ lượng canxi cần thiết cho sự hình thành của răng và xương.

☞ Vitamin D hấp thụ can xi trong đường ruột,các chất dinh dưỡng giúp hình thành xương

Liều dùng:

☞ 5 viên/ngày

[Chewing, tasty tuabursapri calcium product detail] 
-Delicious chewable 
Blended with coffee powder, easy to eat and made a delicious chewable. You can take supplements usually has no taste as sweet sensation and body composition.
 -Calcium 350 mg 
1, in the amount of 5 grains can supply about 300 mL of milk calcium 350 mg. 
-Formulated with vegetable lactic acid bacteria (bactericidal) 
Nice vegetable lactic acid bacteria has blended into the bowel movement daily. 
-Calcium is the nutrients necessary for the formation of bones and teeth. 
-Vitamin D promotes absorption of calcium in the intestinal tract and help the formation of bone nutrients is. 

• 1, 5 grain approaching, make sure everything, enjoy. 
-Available for the first time customers from small breakfast. 

[Jellybean of tasty tuabursapri calcium raw materials] 
Sugar, dolomite, maltose, skim milk powder, coffee powder, starch, vegetable lactic acid bacteria (sterilization), and shellfish, sucrose esters of fatty acids, flavors, sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, l-phenylalanine compounds), V.D 
★ principal amount (product in 5) 
Calcium: 350 mg 
Mg I 40 mg 
Vitamin D: 5.0 µ g 
• Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity, keep in a cool place. 
• Keep out of children's reach. 
-Please note that children are used, do not choke on parental supervision on the. 
-Goods may differ in color and flavor, but quality is fine. 
-Does the grain may discolor due to the moisture picked up, after opening the Chuck tightly, keep. 
And if you agree with and who are ill should stop using. 
-This product is heavy ingestion or cure disease, more is not to improve health. Observe the amount of intake one day. 
-This product is not unlike foshu, were individually reviewed by the Commissioner of the consumer affairs agency. 

[Publisher, manufacturer, importer or vendor: 

(Chew chew the yummy tuabursapri and chewing on tasty tuabursapri delicious tuabursapri)